Recently, information as a weapon was turned against the political establishment by citizens:

1971 Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers leak in the New York Times, under Nixon.

1972 Mark Felt, known as Deep Throat, the source of the Watergate scandal, Washington Post (always under Nixon).

2010 The soldier Bradley Manning who passed millions of US diplomatic transmissions WikiLeaks.

2013 Edward Snowden, who revealed the illegal programs (PRISM, etc.) US intelligence NSA, British newspaper The Guardian.

Recently, several whistleblowers have denounced the cheating by political and economic classes: WikiLeaks 2010, Offshore Leaks 2013, Lux Leaks 2014, Swiss Leaks Papers 2015 and the Panama Papers in 2016 .

Getting the truth when everyone else refuses to.

Julian Assange.

The United States, which encroaches on the privacy of citizens worldwide, claims this information is vital to ensuring their safety and security (chapter 3, no 15).

But the general public is not at all reassured.

We cannot have 100% security and at the same time, a life that is 100% private.

President Obama, in 2013.