• Books (paper and Kindle)

Robert O’Harrow, The Washington Post,
Zero Day :
The Treating Cyberspace,
Diversion Books, 2014.

Glenn Greenwald,
No place to Hide :
Edward Snowden, The NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State,
Signal, 2014.

Shane Harris,
@ War :
The Rise of the Military Complex,
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. (Kindle)

Peter W. Singer, Allan Friedman,
Cybersecurity and Cyberwar :
What Everyone Needs to Know,
Oxford University Press, 2014.

Kim Zetter,
Countdown to Zero Day :
Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon,
Crown, 2014. (Kindle)

Ronald J, Dekbert,
Black Code :
Surveillance, Privacy, and the Dark Side of the Internet,
Signal, 2013.

Richard A. Clarke, Robert Knake,
Cyberwar :
The Next Threat to National Security and
What to Do About it,
Ecco, 2012.

Siva Vaidhyanahanm
The Googlization of Everything :
And Why We Should Worry,
Université of California Press, 2012.

Steven Levy,
In The Plex :
How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes our lives,
Simon & Schuster, 2011. (Kindle)

Jack Goldsmith, Tim Wu,
Who Controls the Internet ?
Illusions of a Borderless World,
Oxford University Press, 2008. (Kindle)

Jonathan Zittrain,
The Future of Internet,
And how to Stop It,
Yale University Press, 2007.

Ray Kurzweil,
The Age of Spiritual Machines :
When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence,
Penguin, 2000.

David Rose,
Enchanted Objects :
Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things,
Scribner, 2014, (aussi sur Kindle).

John E. Kelly III, Steve Hamm,
Smart Machines :
IBM’s Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing,
Colombia Business School, 2013.

Brian E. Carpenter,
Network Geeks :
How They Built the Internet,
Copernicus, 2013.

Evgeny Morosov,
To Save Everything, Click Here,
Allen Lane, 2013.

Francis Da Costa
Rethinking the Internet of Things,
Édition Kindle, 2013.

Daniel Killmereit, Daniel Obodoski,
The Silent Intelligence :
The Internet of Things,
Édition Kindle, 2013.

Chris Anderson,
Makers : The New Industrial Revolution,
Crown Publishing Group, 2012.

Paul E. Ceruzzi,
Computing : A Concise History,
The MIT Press, 2012.

Sasha Issenberg,
How Obama’s Campaign used Big Data,
Publication du MIT Technology Review, 2012.

John Hagel III,
The Power of Pull,
Kindle edition, 2010.

Adam Wood,
Mark Zuckerberg ; Facebook Creator,
KidHouse Press, 2009.

Michael A. Banks,
On the Way to the Web :
The Secret history of the Internet and its Founders,
Kindle edition, 2008.

Tracy Kidder,
The Soul of A New Machine,
Back Bay Books, 2000.

Renaud de la Baume et Jean-Jérome Bertolus,
Les nouveaux maitres du Monde,
Belfond, 1995.

Tim Berners-Lee,
Copie du document qui a donné naissance au Web (mars 1989, au Cern),
Information Management : A proposal :

• Web Sites

Elon University (en comunication) avec le Groupe Pew,
Le développement futur d’Internet : histoire et prédictions :


Gartner research centre

• Video conferences :

Vint Cerf,
TED conference, March 2013 (4 minutes),
Actually, the Internet’s going to be just fine :

Raymond Kurzweil,
Forum of New Ideas, Abu Dhabi, September 18, 2012 (1 heure),
What does the future look like :

Raymond Kurzweil,
TED conference, February 2005, (22 minutes),
The accelerating power of technology :

Tim Berners-Lee,
TED conference, February 2009 (16 minutes).
The Next Web :

Erik Brynjolfsson et Adrew McAffee (Center for Digital Business, MIT)
Forum Network discussion re : their book (50 minutes),
The Second Machine Age :

Vint Cerf,
RSA Conference, 2013, on YouTube (25 minutes),
Strong authentication and Pseudonymity on the Internet :


Seymour Papert,
One of the first interviews of Papert in the 1980s (60 Minutes),
Logo :

Google D.C. Talks,
Conference : how information agents use the Web (1 heure),
National Security and Web 2.0 :

• Video-clips :

Eric Schmidt,
Video – Bloomberg Business Week, 2012 (3 min)
Obama’s Data Analytics Team :

• Links :

The Intercept :

World Wide Web Consortium :
www. w3.org.
w3schools.com (voir les cours de formation).

La Quadrature du Net (en français et en anglais)

• Similar sites

Scenarios for the Future of Technology
and International Development,
The Rockfeller Foundation,
(L’impact des innovations technologiques sur le développement de notre monde),

The Evolving Internet :
Driving forces, Uncertainties and Scenarios to 2025,
Global Business Nerwork et Cisco,
(Quatre scénarios analysant les forces qui pourraient modifier l’évolution d’Internet dans le futur),

The Impact of the Internet on Institutions in the Future,
A History and Forecast,
Janna Anderson, Lee Rainie,
Pew Internet & American Life Project, Elon University,
(Vers 2020, les institutions auront considérablement changé à cause de l’évolution d’Internet),

Global Internet Filtering Map :
Social, Political, Security and Internet,
OpenNet Initiative,
(Une carte du monde révélant l’utilisation d’outils de contrôle d’Internet),