I have had an unique opportunity in my life to rub up against the old Europe (Paris, London, Prague, etc.), lose myself in the cultural « black holes » that are New Delhi, Islamabad, etc, know the euphoria of cities where it seemed that everything was emerging (Dakar, Sao Paulo, Bogota, etc.), and to experience the forces of some mythical cities (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.).

I was amazed by many of the disparities that are beginning to characterize the 21st century, but what still strikes me most is the process of people discovering common ground along with new models for society. As a result of the accelerated mutations we’re experiencing as we enter the new post-industrial electronic era, our New World is beginning to develop based on/in three dimensions instead of two : we are adding the dimension of information to the more familiar real-world dimensions of space and time.

The accelerating mutations are at work via three vectors :

  • Data
    The amount of data created and published into circulation is exploding (from giga to yotta and from 2D to 3D).
  • Interactions
    The continuous flows of data multiply the interactions in our environments ; the energies generated by these flows upset all our structures, leaving us for the moment without reference points.
  • Structures
    Because of the emergence of cyberspace, our different environments are reorganized in new ways :

The biosphere is an entity composed of all the forms of life on Plant Earth. In other words, it’s a world composed of information.

An “abstract kingdom” lies above this biosphere: the world of ideas.
– Jacques Monod, Le hasard et la nécessité, 1970.

A New World

It is pertinent to ask if people actually want a framework to help them understand the changes underway. And, it is becoming easier and easier understand better why the general outlook is so gloomy :

We are moving from a Newtonian world to Einsteinian world !