These days we are undertaking work that will provide a more accurate vision of our universe : research on exoplanets, stem cells, the Higgs boson, the human genome, etc. We are beginning to create much more sophisticated processing systems : the next space shuttle, particle accelerators, future telescopes, etc.

And we are beginning to realize the complexity of these systems ensures the flow of information between teams of thousands of researchers and specialists located worldwide. It is the variety, velocity and volume of information that is creating a new degree of complexity :

The answer to the challenges of Big Data is visualization of that data :

Increasingly, we see the application of visualization in the processing of Big Data :

Because it is becoming a buzzword, Big Data is rapidly developing into an economic ecosystem :

This buzzword-created emergent business ecosystem will create a wide range of applications that will eventually become one or more markets :

These applications do not all use the same amount of information :

Some calculations reveal the complexity of a project ; for example the relationship that may exist between a thousand elements of a problem :

Here is a decision tree that is also using a visualization technique :

The Next Wave: Internet services (2020)

Right now, we are combining four technologies :

  • artificial intelligence ;
  • Big Data ;
  • viewing images (Visual Big Data);
  • profound learning via systems (deep learning).

This exploration allows us to make a step forward towards better knowledge of users’ primary needs. This will allow for greater personalization of services and thus create Internet 3, the Internet of Services.