Who will govern ‘us’ in the future? It’s logical to think that it may very well be the emergent digital superpowers. In a few years, they may be able to supplant banks as masters of the world. To many this seems increasingly apparent in a rapidly expanding knowledge-based society.

Are the big banks behind the new masters of the world? :

However, after 2020 (?), the situation will change because the Internet we know is only a transitional Internet. What will happen with the simultaneous arrival of Internet objects, new types of computers (quantum ?), etc.

We are entering a period which is bringing us the development of four different Webs, BitCloud, 3D interfaces and, above all, the fact that 50% of the population will connect to the Internet to find solutions to new currently-unknown needs.

The present superpowers are empires with clay feet, because they are at the mercy of the behavior of their users. It requires boldness to bet on their long-term survival, especially if one thinks of the plunge of Kodak (which was the world ‘s Keeper of Records just a few decades ago), to Microsoft, IBM and Bell.

Some possible solutions

We will have to change our behavior individually :

  • use Open Source software more often ;
  • Copyleft and Creative Commons ;
  • vary sources of search engines and browsers ;
  • remove friends you do not know ;
  • waive services whose collusion with PRISM is proven ;
  • use Facebook more sparingly ;
  • require that the home pages of the sites mention how long the trace of our requests is kept ;
  • make spam expensive to publish ;
  • and awaken our rulers to digital reality!