Globally, the industrialization of our societies experienced two revolutions, one in 1700 and the other in 1900, during which the industrial model conquered the whole planet. This led to an era dominated by the growth of capitalism as the dominant economic model, and eventually led to the globalization of that model. The eventual end of this era was signalled by the near melt-down of the global financial system in 2008.

Today we are living through three revolutions: technological, with Internet 2 and soon Internet 3; economic, with the search for a new economic model; and the last revolution is societal, with new forms of communication being layered over the culture based on the written word and text.

Loss of citizens’ confidence in the political and economic elites is beginning to create fright and anger around the world. The current elites are not aware of the stakes long-term ; they propose only industrial solutions to post-industrial crises.

We have become travellers without maps or a compass :

If you think in terms of months, plant seeds.
If you think in terms of years, plant trees.
If you think in terms of generations, invest in education.